Instagram Mobius Machine

Selfies with a twist!
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The Instagram Mobius Machine is a 3D-printable device developed by Dr. Kevin Healey for his capstone seminar in Contemplative Media Studies at UNH. Users select two Instagram feeds and print them onto a double-sided strip of canvas, which is then mounted on the Machine in the form of a Mobius loop. Users watch as the Machine rotates the Instagram feeds, displaying both sides of the strip one after the other in an endless cycle.

Like most arts-based projects, the purpose of Instagram Mobius Machine is to spark conversation and insight. Building and interacting with the Machine allows users to re-orient their relationship with images we typically encounter through social media.

This download includes:

1. Detailed instructions for 3D printing a mobius strip machine, as well as how to download and resize Instagram feeds to work with the device.

2. A handy "materials list," so you are ready to make the machine yourself.

This arts-based project is perfect for undergraduates, high school students, and anyone interested in unplugging from social media. Try juxtaposing an unlikely pair of Instagram feeds as a conversation-starter in your classroom!

License for product is currently free of charge for a limited time.

Want to see the machine in action? View on Youtube

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    Mobius Machine Assembly Guide with Materials List
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