APCD Common Data Layout (APCD-CDL)

Common Data Layout for All-Payer Claims Databases
Technology No. APCD-CDL

In partnership with NAHDO (National Association of Health Data Organizations), UNH is pleased to provide the APCD Common Data Layout, known as the APCD-CDLTM. The APCD-CDLTM is a trademarked, copyright protected work, provided for noncommercial use free of charge. To access a copy of the APCD-CDL, please fill out the license request form. For more information on the APCD-CDLTM, APCD Council, or related information, visit our website at:


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    APCD-CDL Version 2 (2021) *
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APCD-CDL Non-Commercial License
APCD-CDL Non-Commercial License

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